23 mars 2021


Christic Home

Un espace de vie plus grand et spacieux pour les enfants de Christic Foster Home. Il est géré par Sr. Daisy et soutenu par OFI dans le cadre du programme Small Home, Big Dreams en partenariat avec

Dream India Network

. La maison peut accueillir 8 garçons âgés de 5 à 10 ans. Le projet s'occupe de leur éducation, de leur nourriture et de leur logement.

March 3, 2021


Water for Life

Our new project in association with Gramium Trust,

Govindaraju Sevai

, alstom WaterforLife Foundation Y2 aims to promote rural development through economic activities based on agriculture. It includes the rehabilitation of hydraulic infrastructure, water and soil conservation, reforestation, drinking water infrastructure, animal husbandry and training for women.

The project extends the initial “2020 Water for life” program.

3 mars 2021


Water for Life

Notre nouveau projet en association avec Gramium Trust,

Govindaraju Sevai, fondation alstom, WaterforLife Y2 vise à promouvoir le développement rural à travers des activités économiques basées sur l'agriculture. Il comprend la réhabilitation des infrastructures hydrauliques, la conservation de l'eau et des sols, le reboisement, les infrastructures d'eau potable, l'élevage et les formations pour les femmes.

Le projet prolonge le programme initial «2020 Water for Life».

February 25, 2021


Training center

The newly opened training and production center managed by Gramium Trust started operations recently. When fully operational, the center will train 100 women each year and provide employment for 60.

February 8, 2021


Christic Home

Our #educationforall projects support disadvantaged children with free education, food and shelter.

Here, the children of Christic Home are having fun in the playground.

Project carried by

Dream India Network

in Bangalore and supported by

Objective France India - OFI

January 25, 2021


Education for all

3 new classrooms dedicated to the cause of #educationforall .

These classrooms are built in a government primary school in Ramagondanahalli, Bangalore and in partnership with Samridhdhi Trust, Whitefield Rising and funded by Objectif France Inde - OFI. This will help at least 60 to 90 children from migrant families who have settled in camps every year. For the first time, the government has given permission to provide education in English at this school. Training and running costs will be provided by one of the international schools in Bangalore.

January 20, 2021


Time of harvest!

The SHGs had a bumper harvest this year after good rains. All the village reservoirs were filled with a good monsoon and the water table was replenished.

With Govindraj Sevai and Gramium Trust, Objectif France Inde - OFI supported several watershed projects in 2020 which produced excellent harvests.

January 12, 2021


Learning Center

The learning center is preparing for the SEVAI Shanthi school. When completed, this center will have a fully functional library (accommodating around 2,000 children) and space for learning activities. Project initiated and supported by Objectif France Inde

January 4, 2021


New in Kannakapillayur

Kannakapillayur is a small hamlet in the Karur district of Tamilnadu. With the help of Objectif France Inde - OFI, our partner Gramium Trust has set up a training and production center in this village. This center will train more than 100 young women / men each year in sewing and clothing production and will provide employment to more than 60 women.