OFI, our vision

Objectif France Inde (OFI) is a French non-political and secular association of general interest. Founded in 1998 by a group of friends from the Toulon region to support NGO development projects in South India. For the selection of projects, OFI relies on the sustainable development expertise of Benjamine Oberoi, who has lived in India for 30 years.

Long-term partners

With local associations that live in the heart of the populations, we believe in "doing with and not in place of" and pooling our skills and our know-how.

One team, all volunteers

Between Paris, Bangalore and within our local partner NGOs, volunteers and volunteers in Civic Service work to carry out responsible development projects.

In Bangalore, between 2 and 8 people accompany our local partners.

In France, the members of the OFI office are all volunteers and actively contribute their skills to develop the actions of the association and support the field team.


équipe bénévole OFI

Our funding sources

Because our seriousness and our expertise are recognized, our sources of funding are multiple.

The funds sent to our partners come from donations from members of the association, local authorities, companies or private foundations upon presentation of files examined by the OFI team.
OFI works with its partners over the long term to implement high impact actions.

Our financial management, controlled by a commissioner, is a guarantee of transparency and seriousness.


NGO partners

Established in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, they are recognized for their professionalism by the local government and also by international donors.