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Engage your business or foundation through sponsorship

Share our values

You have values, we have expertise: together, let's develop a united and responsible partnership.

For 22 years, OFI has acted as a facilitator in the coordination, monitoring and financing of development projects in India on behalf of local NGOs that ensure the operational implementation. Our local partners are also those who, through their business expertise and their knowledge of the field and the population, approach us and offer us development projects. OFI chooses to support projects that are part of an integrated development logic through the active involvement of the population and that meet targeted objectives in line with its values:

reservoir d'eau en inde réalisé par OFI

Reservoir financing

education en inde avec OFI

Financing of education

women empowerment en Inde

Funding for women's empowerment

Our specificities

Integrated development of each area of intervention through 4 transversal action areas:


Establishment of long-term partnerships with local Indian NGOs and collaboration with government programs.

Optimization of funding: investment / number of beneficiaries.

Modeling OFI projects and transmission of its know-how to other NGOs by capitalizing on knowledge.

Belonging to a large consortium of NGOs in India: BEET Force whose goal is to provide access to education for all underprivileged children in Bangalore.

A team in France and a team in India.

Sharing values

Do you support strong values?

We jointly develop common values that are concretely illustrated in the field.

Enhancement of your company's image

Whether through technical or financial support, your commitments to sustainable development are valuable to the general public. OFI undertakes to communicate on the commitments of its patrons.

What advantages for

your business ?

Assurance of a partnership of choice

Are you present in India or would you like to develop an economic activity there? Developing a partnership with OFI makes it possible to bring credit to your local roots, particularly in South India.

Employee involvement in the field

Through skills sponsorship, your employees get involved in development projects. You unite your employees around solidarity actions.

Fiscal advantages

Through skills sponsorship, your employees get involved in development projects. You unite your employees around solidarity actions.

They support us:

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