Childhood and Education

Current projects

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Dream India Network (DIN):

A House to Grow

The goal of the “Une Maison pour Grandir” project is to support homes for street children aged 5 to 12 in extremely vulnerable situations . Each foster home can accommodate up to eight children and often children from two homes live together. This reduced number makes it possible to create a family environment which provides each young person with the attention necessary for personalized support. In addition, the small number of children makes it easier to set up a variety of activities.

The program also gives children access to quality education and medical monitoring. Children thus develop capacities which will enable them to emerge sustainably from poverty.

OFI has been working with DIN on this project since it was set up in 2013. 55 houses have since emerged and welcome a total of 550 children. OFI supports seven.

OFI: Support education

with Vonisha / SEVAI / ABC / HUT

Education is a priority of the Indian government. The law requires that children can go to a school within 3 kilometers of their home.

With SEVAI, OFI finances:

  • the running costs of a school for the children of a slum and two teachers,

  • Montessori training for interactive pedagogy at Shanti school as well as extracurricular activities (sport and library).

With Vonisha, OFI finances:

  • Montessori teacher training,

  • tuition fees and monitoring of children from displaced families for their reintegration into the English-speaking school environment.

With ABC, OFI finances:

  • the construction of new classrooms in rural areas,

  • teachers' salaries.

With HUT, OFI finances:

  • higher education scholarships for children orphaned by AIDS.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

teachers éducation inde OFI
éducation inde OFI

For a quality education

at the Shanti School (ODD4)

With the help of our partner SEVAI and civic service volunteers, we have set up a series of activities at the Shanti School that are part of an integrated approach to quality education.

As part of the “Learning for Life” project, a library was renovated for kindergartens and primary school children. Adapted sports equipment has been purchased to set up fun activities led by a young person in civic service. A second volunteer launched an interactive method called “Hello English” to strengthen the English level of students and teachers.

Finally, the double project “Better learning at the Shanti School” introduces a more dynamic teaching method with the Montessori method.

Some past achievements

Building Blocks / DNF : Gardenia School

The Gardenia School is located in a disadvantaged area of Bangalore to accommodate young children from the slums aged 3 to 5 years. The school offers a modern and interactive educational program, and has many facilities to educate children and provide them with a stimulating environment.


Gardenia School is supported by OFI with great help from Sunshine for a School and Alphabet Club. The school has welcomed nearly 70 children since 2017.

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SEVAI : Disabled Children School

Since 2013, OFI has enabled the opening of 2 classrooms for disabled children in the Shanti school managed by SEVAI. 30 children, often with multiple disabilities, from 4 to 15 years old are welcomed there.


We were able to obtain funding from a Swiss foundation to build classrooms and adapted toilets. A vegetable garden and a medicinal herb garden are maintained by the children.


OFI pays the salaries of a teacher and an aide. OFI volunteers, medical students, come every year and ensure their well-being, adapting the equipment, chairs and tables ...

HUT : Meikandaar School

Meikandaar School is a school built in Trichy by HUT which accommodates nearly 750 students. The structure promotes the reception of kindergarten children in good conditions, learning through play and fun activities and allows children to learn English from an early age.


OFI has been working with HUT for several years to develop the school and has enabled the construction of a Learning Center, 14 classrooms as well as the renovation of many others! OFI contributes to quality education by financing the salaries of several teachers and offering them appropriate training.

éducation inde OFI
éducation inde OFI

HUT : house of hope

House of Hope is a reception structure based near Trichy which allows children affected by AIDS to access education, adapted health and medical care and psychological follow-up. The project makes it possible to ensure a future for these children and to integrate them durably into Indian society.


OFI built the buildings for 100 children and paid for the teachers and supervisors. Each year, OFI volunteers ensure a presence with the children. They participate in education, introduce children to hygiene, create a vegetable garden ...

BOSCO: A roof to grow

The BOSCO organization is recognized as an expert in welcoming and helping street children. In order to offer personalized assistance to young girls, the “Un toit pour grandir” program has created a temporary and permanent center that can accommodate 100 young permanent girls and 25 young girls in transit.


Inaugurated in September 2014, OFI supported the development of this permanent center which has become a real living space for these young girls aged 6 to 18, and 80% of whom are “Dalits” (ie from the “untouchable” caste) . The center provides health, psychological and educational support, and enables the personal development of its daughters.

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