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Our partners

Over the past 20 years, OFI has chosen to create partnerships with quality Indian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), recognized for their professionalism.



The relationships that unite OFI with these NGO partners are long-term relationships built on trust. OFI and NGOs coordinate on the project methodology, the consistency of the actions carried out and the relevance of the intervention methods chosen.


SEVAI – Society for Education Village Action and Improvement

A flagship NGO in the socio-economic integration of marginalized local populations. Led by Mr. Govindaraju, SEVAI has adopted an inclusive and sustainable approach to development for 40 years. The programs target different complementary areas: education and health, rural development, and empowerment of women through social entrepreneurship financed by microcredit. In total, integrated development programs benefit 500,000 villagers in Tamil Nadu.

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Dream India Network

OFI has entered into a new partnership with Dream India Network (DIN) which works for social change in India through education. OFI supports DIN's shelter program for street children in Bangalore. In 1 year of activity, 20 reception centers have been created and welcome 160 children in an environment conducive to their development.


Vonisha Service Foundation

Vonisha is a small NGO which targets children from displaced families who have arrived in Bangalore for economic reasons. They live in tents in precarious conditions. An adapted schooling of upgrading becomes the main anchor for these children who can then envisage a future in English-speaking schools with the support of the NGO.

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Human Uplift Trust is an NGO founded in 2006 in Tamil Nadu.

She has developed two programs funded by OFI:

- an English-speaking school for 750 disadvantaged children near Trichy, Meikandaar School (from kindergarten to 12th grade),

- House of Hope is a reception structure for 100 children affected by AIDS. It provides education, medical and psychological follow-up.

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Established in the neighboring district of Trichy (Kulithalai) since 1991, GRAMIUM has given priority to rural development thanks to waterworks, health, training, educational monitoring of young people and the empowerment of women.

In total, 27,000 women, 40,000 villagers and 200 children now benefit from GRAMIUM's integrated sustainable development programs.

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150,000 women

organized in SHG

4000 hectares

of land rehabilitated

55 welcoming houses

600 children

200 children followed


250 children of

school slums


School follow-up

3,500 children


Taking control of

850 children