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OFI, 24 years of experience in the service of sustainable development in India

How to support the actions of OFI?

As an individual, you too can support the actions of OFI.


Our association is based on the values ​​of commitment, friendliness, and cultural exchange. These values ​​are carried by our team as well as by all the members of the association. The members of the association contribute, through their donations and their involvement, to the sustainability of our actions.

To become a member, you have two options:

  • Print and mail the membership form (payment by check or bank transfer) to download here.

  • Join online by clicking on the below link:

distribution d'aide alimentaire par OFI

Support us financially

You can donate to one of our programs. Each year, OFI gives priority to 3 local programs that you can support:



You also have the opportunity to rely on our expertise and our knowledge of the field to allocate your donation to our partners who need it most:

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