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Conditions of departure

Volunteers going to India with Objectif France Inde are supervised by the local OFI team for all logistics issues. Mission objectives are defined upstream jointly by OFI, volunteers and, for field missions, our local partners.

We rely on the skills of volunteers, their personal objectives as well as on field needs.
We make a number of commitments and expect volunteers to do the same, which is why we have developed a volunteer charter .

We thank you for your commitment!



  • Inform volunteers about the projects

  • Welcoming volunteers and promoting their integration

  • Provide and follow their training

  • Provide health and repatriation insurance


For more information you can consult the volunteer charter.



  • Adhere to the purpose and ethics of the association

  • Comply with your goals

  • Respect its organization and its functioning

  • Effectively ensure its mission and activity

Volunteers have the possibility of being accommodated and fed by the association, in particular for field missions taking place within our partner associations, in exchange for a fixed contribution of 700 rupees per day (approximately 10 euros).


Thank you for what you sent !

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