OFI’s vision and history

OFI is…

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…An “Association” under French law (loi 1901)


Created by a group of friends in the Toulon region to support NGO development projects of NGOs in South India. For project selection, OFI relies on Benjamine Oberoi’s expertise in sustainable development. She lives in India since 30 years.

…Partners and long-term actions


OFI is committed to 4 South Indian NGOs in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to implement actions in three fields:

  • Childhood and education
  • Rural development
  • Women empowerment

OFI works with long-term partners for the implementation of strong impact actions.

Our transparent financial management is also a guarantee of sustainability.

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…A human-scale team composed of motivated volunteers


All members of OFI volunteer.

The altruistic dimension of our actions motivates the volunteers who join us. OFI gives them an opportunity to experience project management within an intercultural environment. Each volunteer works independently and is supported by a competent team. It is an intimate discovery of charming rural populations— fascinating because of their generosity and Indian traditions.


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…Funding specific projects


Funds sent to our partners come from donations made by association members, local authorities, businesses, and private foundations resulting from presentations given by OFI volunteers and supervisors.

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