Partner NGOs

Since 1998, OFI has created partnerships with high-quality Indian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) recognized for their professionalism. These NGOs were selected by the government, which subsidizes many of their projects at up to 80% of the total budget per project.


OFI and these NGOs are building long-term relationships based on mutual trust. They interact on project methodology, consistency of actions, and the relevance of intervention methods. OFI focuses on supporting projects for which beneficiaries are project stakeholders.


Our partners in TRICHY, Tamil Nadu

SEVAI Society for Education Village Action and Improvement

SEVAI is a leading NGO in the area of socioeconomic integration of marginalized local population For 37 years, the NGO headed by Mr Govindardju has promoted an inclusive and sustainable approach to development. The programs are focused on a variety of complementary areas such as education and health, rural development, and the empowerment of women through social entrepreneurship funded by microcredit.

These integrated development programs benefit a total of 500,000 villagers in Tamil Nadu.


GRAMIUM has been located in the neighbouring district of Trichy (Kulithalai) since 1991. This NGO has given priority to rural development through hydraulic works, health, and women’s empowerment.

Today, a total of 27,000 women, 40,000 villages and 200 children have integrated GRAMIUM’s sustainable development programs.

HUT Human Uplift Trust

Under the leadership of founders Dr. Raja Vankatesh and his wife, the NGO has been worked hard since 1195 to meet the basic needs of those most disadvantaged in terms of education and health. Every year, a rural school for “Dalit” (untouchable) children welcomes over 750 children. The school dispenses a program in English.

HUT built a shelter and a school for more than 100 children with AIDS. The NGO also conducts AIDS-prevention campaigns.


Our partners in BANGALORE, Karnataka

Dream India Network

OFI embarked on a new partnership with India Dream Network (DIN) which works for social change in India through education. OFI supports DIN foster homes program for street children in Bangalore.

In one year of operation, 20 shelters were created and welcome 160 children in a conducive environment for their development.

samridhdhi> Samridhdhi Trust

“Samridhdhi Trust is a social change organisation and registered non-profit. Since 2009, we have worked with over 4,000 out-of-school children of migrants in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi NCR and taken them from a “school-ready” to “job-ready” stage. Many of these children were previously engaged in rag picking, household chores, sibling care as well as, unfortunately, drug abuse, violence, illegal and harmful activities.


Our partners in Uluberia, West Bengal

<Asha Bhavan Center/> ABC – Asha Bhavan Center

Asha Bhavan Centre is a registered society under West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 and has been promoting rehabilitation services, providing opportunities and protecting the rights for the children, women and person with disabilities (Divyangjan) in India since 1999. Thousands of people get benefitted and rehabilitated through Asha Bhavan Centre. The operation centre of the organisation is situated at Kathila campus, Uluberia, Howrah.

They worked with OFI !

Building Blocks

From 2015, OFI has a new partnership with Building Blocks, an NGO working for more than 10 years for underprivileged children education in Bangalore. It has opened seven Learning Centers in Bangalore, specialized in teaching to very young children. Building Blocks committed to breaking the poverty cycle in India by providing free quality education to underprivileged children who lack the opportunity to receive any form of instruction.


Created in 2013, MANTRA (‘Maverick Association for Novelty, Transformation and Radical Augmentation’) works in order to insure quality and equity on education.

MANTRA is associated with 30 school, benefiting to more than 15 000 pupils and 430 teachers. MANTRA’s team is currently composed of 17 persons. They work in three different communities in Bangalore and aim to transform the educational system in public schools and private schools dedicated to disadvantaged families.

BOSCO Bangalore Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota

For 35 years, the NGO has offered support to street children. It implements prevention plans to tackle mafia networks and local prostitution. In order to achieve this, BOSCO carries out two types of actions : an effective network with a strong presence in the streets able to intervene with unaccompanied children ; 8 centres, including 2 permanent centres, created to trace street children’s families or to offer long-term accommodation to children who are not able to be reunited and reintegrated with their families.

Everyday, 15 to 20 children benefit from BOSCO’s support and up to 80% are reintegrated within their families.