Who are we?

Since 20 years, OFI has accompanied the sustainable development projects set up by several Indian NGOs.


OFI has a role of a facilitator by taking care of the coordination, the follow-up and the funding of development projects implemented by local NGO in South India, in the states of Tamil Nadu and of Karnataka. OFI works in a spirit of skills and experiences transfert with its partners, adding quality value to the projects.


The mission of OFI is to assist local NGOs in the formalization, planning and monitoring of their projects. We also also help our partners in international fund-raising, in a direct or indirect way. OFI chooses to work on projects which share a inclusive development vision by an active implication of the beneficiaries.




An “Association” under French law (loi 1901)—created by a group of friends in the Toulon region to support NGO development projects of NGOs in South India. For project selection, OFI relies on Benjamine Oberoi’s expertise in sustainable development. She lives in India since 30 years.

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A human-scale team


The complementarity of all team members’ competencies is at the service of the actions taken. Each member makes a good use of their professional skills, aiming to improve the empowerment of local populations on the long run.

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Partners and long-term actions


OFI supports several South Indian NGOs. These partners are recognized for their professionalism by the local government, but also by the international funders which financially support their development program.


Located in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, projects always involve beneficiaries to make them actors of their development.

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