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“I NEED A LOVING HAND” with House of Hope, HUT

The orphanage, House of Hope, is dedicated to more than 100 orphans, most of them HIV positive, and their siblings, in the age of 3 to 18 years old. In this place, HUT ensures a daily care. The objective is to provide better life conditions to them. This program gives them the opportunity to reach a decent living by giving them access to education, medical and sanitarian care. OFI is urgently looking for a financial hand to support this program, at least for the children’s essential needs, not yet covered by funds.

To be financed in 2015 = €62,000


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Cultivons le développement! “Let’s cultivate development!” phase 2 with GRAMIUM

Considering the villagers’ requests and needs, and according to GRAMIUM’s evaluation, OFI decided to support the rehabilitation of water infrastructures in Trichy. The project intends to rehabilitate 4 water tanks and 3 watersheds, and to deepen 64 wells in order to relaunch the irrigation system for 700 hectares of cultivable lands. “Let’s cultivate the development!” falls within a genuine approach of development by encouraging social entrepreneurship throughout the Self Help Groups (SHG), enabling women to practice a profession according to the new activities created by the improvement of the irrigation system. 200 beneficiaries are targeted.

To be financed in 2015 = €50,000


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IMG_4334“SHG, when solidarity enables autonomy” with SEVAI

The program’s objective is to participate in women empowerment by promoting the experience of Self Help Groups. Enabling women to gather in SHG gives them the opportunity to improve their social and economic situation and to fully practice their citizenship for a genuine local development. OFI seeks for financial support for SEVAI to support SHGs by delivering a whole program of training sessions and public micro credit management and follow-ups.

To be financed in 2015 = €110,000

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