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OFI supports and funds the projects of our partner NGOs through private and corporate donations.


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Our association is based on values such as commitment, usability, and cultural exchange. These values are respected by our team and by all members of the association. The members of the association contribute to the sustainability of our projects. They also contribute to meeting particular management and internal communication needs.


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Helping the projects with individual donations


Each year, OFI gives priority to local programs in line with the priorities set by local NGOs. Individual donations, along with grants from local government and institutions, fund these programs.


You can choose to fund the following projects:


  • “Resourceful Women” for the empowerment of women through micro entrepreneurship
  • “Adopt a Teacher” for a quality education in rural areas

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OFI is seeking institutional funding in Europe and America to permit financing of major programs.


International foundations such as the Foundation Gertrude Hirzel, the Foundation Société Générale, the Foundation Alstom, the Foundation Air France, the Foundation Luciole, Mouvements et Fluidité, AliBaba & You, the Foundation Amisse, the Foundation Les Ailes, the Foundation Raja, Provision Asia have already chosen to support OFI’s projects.


OFI is seeking fundings for different programs:  

  • “Small Homes, Big Dreams” for the street children of Bangalore
  • “Resourceful Women” for the empowerment of women through micro entrepreneurship
  • “Water for Life” for the water management and sustainable agriculture in rural areas

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