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March 2019


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we wish to highlight women who, in partnership with OFI, are devoting their time and energy to gender equality in South India.

That’s why we take this opportunity to introduce you to Vanitha. the field coordinator of our Self-Help Groups program implemented by SEVAI (if you just discover this program, click here to find out more).

Originally from Karur district in Tamil Nadu, Vanitha joined SEVAI in 1989 as a sewing trainer. Quickly interested in the SHG program that SEVAI had just put in place, she took part in the beginning of the program as a supervisor of the literacy program for illiterate women to now be a field coordinator.

Vanitha’s role is to meet the women in the heart of the villages to sensitize them to the program. It is also she who recruits social workers and supervises them. She is also involved with local government authorities in monitoring and evaluating SHGs.

For her, the SHG program is essential to support women in the region. Fifteen years ago, women were mostly illiterate and married before they were adults. Today, thanks to the training provided by SEVAI and the will of women: things have changed Women are more involved in the community and insist that their children go to school.

Thank you Vanitha for your daily commitment to women’s cause !


February 2019


As you probably already know, OFI has been awarded by the Foundation Raja Danièle Marcovici for its work and received the Raja Women Award 2018. Obviously, this award is not exclusively OFI’s. It recognizes the successful collaboration between OFI and SEVAI, our main partner in Tamil Nadu. This month, we took the opportunity to share this award with SEVAI’s teams. On the programme, bringing the results of this partnership to light, honoring SHG members and team leaders and good mood ! A great occasion to congratulate every people without whom our SHG program would not exist !


December 2018


On the 16th of December, the NGO Dream India Network, partner of OFI, organized a gathering of the children hosted in the 54 foster homes the NGO supports so they can all celebrate Christmas together. The children, wearing proudly their Santa Claus costumes, enjoyed the music show and showed on the stage all their talents for dancing ! Children also enjoyed a proper Christmas feast. The toy distribution, organized by the NGO Sunshine for a School, also made the children forget quickly about the exams they took on the day before ! Merry Christmas to all of you !

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November 2018


On the 20th of November 2018, Objectif France-Inde was honored to receive the Raja Foundation’s Women’s Awards 2018 in the category “Education and Social Action”. Since 2013, Raja Foundation’s Women’s Awards has awarded organizations in France and around the world for actions that have a concrete and lasting impact for the benefit of women. OFI has been supporting projects for the empowerment and economic empowerment of rural women in Tamil Nadu for 15 years. Benjamine Oberoi, OFI Vice President with our local partner SEVAI, encouraged the creation of more than 11,000 Self-Help Groups. 150,000 households were able to overcome the poverty line. This award is also yours. Without you, these projects would never have seen the light of day. Thank you for your support.


March 2018


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we thank our partners SEVAI and GRAMIUM, which are working in the evolution of the status of women in India. The women’s emancipation program initiated by our partners is effective as it has triggered a form of “silent revolution” in the villages where it has been implemented. By providing economic power to women, they have acquired professional and managerial responsibilities that have naturally led to an improvement in their self-confidence and access to the decision-making spheres of their community and their families.


February 2018


In February, DIN’s Foster Homes are equipping new libraries! Thanks to Millar Cameron for their generous participation with shelves, floor mats, cushions … and more than 500 books !! The little ones love having access to a multitude of books and discovering new stories.


October 2017


It is with great pleasure that we share with you our project “Small Homes, Big Dreams”, finally available on Lilo. Lilo is a search engine similar to Google, which you just need to install to collect drops that you can convert into donation money. We count on you to send us your drops.


“Small Homes, Big Dreams” is a project to welcome street girls from the slums of Bangalore to foster homes offering a healthy and safe living environment. Let’s act together for lasting and equitable change!

More information here.


Do not hesitate to contribute and to share!

OZONE Kalam Award

September 2017


On September 25, 2017, the organization South Zone Board of Continuing Education (OZONE) honored OFI’s work for education in South India by rewarding us the Community Outreach KALAM Award, which recognizes the work of NGOs working for schooling of disadvantaged populations in Andrapradesh, Kerala, Tamilnadu-Pondicherry and Karnataka.

The OFI team wishes to express its gratitude to the OZONE committee for this proof of appreciation of our work!

Toilet SEVAI 2017

August 2017


In partnership with the NGO SEVAI, and with the support of the Hirzel Foundation and the Ali Baba & You association, OFI has undertaken the construction of more than 300 toilets for families living below the poverty line in rural areas of Tamil Nadu.   The organization SEVAI, with its experience in the construction of toilets for 20 years, bases its program on a participatory approach. The women, first affected by the lack of sanitary facilities, are playing a important role here! Not only do they actively participate in the construction phase of the toilets, they also serve as ambassadors within families to raise awareness about hygiene practices.

Thank you again to SEVAI for the realization of this ambitious and necessary program!

Watershed Août 2017

July 2017


This month, heavy rain poured into the areas of Tamil Nadu in which we are carrying out a watershed renovation program, in order to face the drought that has lastedfor 3 years. This was the first significant rain in 2 years! The storm filled some of the newly renovated ponds and made the soil of the region looser, thus accelerating the work on the future watersheds.

Many thanks to SEVAI and GRAMIUM, our partners in Tamil Nadu, who are making this vital project possible!

And thank you to the women and men of the villages of the region who participate in the renovation of the watersheds!

June 2017


OFI’s general meeting will take place on June 17 at 5p.m. at Stéphanie Durand-Gasselin’s, 12 rue de Sèvres 92100 Boulogne Billancourt – code grille A 1962. 3e bâtiment interphone. Tél 01 46 03 54 59.

You are all welcome!

May 2017


A big change for OFI: For the past two years, we have been welcoming Civic Service volunteers to support our projects. This year, we have obtained a license from the Civic Service Agency to welcome 7 new volunteers in 2017.

It’s a new adventure that begins for OFI!

April 2017


Our “De Fil a Aiguille” project comes to life thanks to the financial support of one of our donors.

We will be able to buy 10 new sewing machines to equip two training centers in the Karaikal region of Tamil Nadu. This project is part of a program in partnership with the Amisse Foundation which will benefit nearly 1,800 women!


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