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88214949_1107540962913904_4859800588285640704_o February 2020: Instituting Montessori method for Shanti School, Tamil Nadu


On February 29th, . SEVAI Shanti School conducted an open session with the parents of Montessori Students (of LKG) to give the parents an exposure to Montessori methods and activities. The students demonstrated activities in a calm environment. Parents joined their children to share their learning experience. At the end, they were impressed about the ability of their wards to stay focus throughout the session. See article

Capture November 2019: Another award for OFI


Benjamine Oberoi, OFI’s Vice-President is one of the five nominees for the Social and Humanitarian Trophy – Asia/Oceania – sponsored by the French Embassy in Singapour. This trophy rewards French citizens established abroad for their efforts in social and humanitarian projects dedicated to local populations. See article

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-24 at 14.13.03 September 2019


Goods news for OFI ! Despite unfavourable meteorological conditions, many women empowerment and rural development projects started in Tamil Nadu: hydraulic infrastructures’ rehabilitation, tree planting and vegetation cover, farmers’ trainings and sustainable management of natural resources … But also dozens of SHG groups created and ongoing trainings held b our partners SEVAI and GRAMIUM to introduce women to income-generating activities.


Thanks a lot to all our partners for their trust in OFI projects and their commitment to empowering women !

August 2019


At the end of July, Société Générale India CSR team, our main partner, came to Tamil Nadu to follow our progress on the ongoing program “Capitalization on Let’s Cultivate Development II”. With our local partners SEVAI and GRAMIUM as well as the project coordinators, field visits were held to see hydraulic infrastructures and villages around to meet SHG groups. This field visit shows interest and confidence from our partner Société Générale India to implement the program in Tamil Nadu.


Thanks again to SG India CSR team for their visit and their support !


For more information on the program “Capitalization on Let’s Cultivate Development”, here to find out more

June 2019


Thanks to our volunteer Robin and his commitment, one classroom is being renovating to open a library for young Shanti School students. This project came to life last year and would not have being possible without AlphaBet Club (ABC) and Hippocampus’ financial support.

2nd, 3rd and 4rd standard students will benefit from a comfortable and educational space to improve their reading skills and learn more about topics they are passionate about. Once the room is renovated, students will be assigned in different groups with adapted books according to their reading level. Robin will follow their progress and will conduct daily workshops in the library: study of political and social events in Tamil Nadu, storytelling … A way to inspire students to find their career paths!

May 2019


Back to Shanti school, primary, secondary and high school established in Tamil Nadu by our Indian partner SEVAI ! .

During Tamil Nadu school break, a Summer Camp was organized by volunteers. Artistic and creative activities, role playing and board games, yoga classes, sports competition and treasure hunt were part of the program.


March 2019


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we wish to highlight women who, in partnership with OFI, are devoting their time and energy to gender equality in South India.

That’s why we take this opportunity to introduce you to Vanitha. the field coordinator of our Self-Help Groups program implemented by SEVAI (if you just discover this program, click here to find out more).

Originally from Karur district in Tamil Nadu, Vanitha joined SEVAI in 1989 as a sewing trainer. Quickly interested in the SHG program that SEVAI had just put in place, she took part in the beginning of the program as a supervisor of the literacy program for illiterate women to now be a field coordinator.

Vanitha’s role is to meet the women in the heart of the villages to sensitize them to the program. It is also she who recruits social workers and supervises them. She is also involved with local government authorities in monitoring and evaluating SHGs.

For her, the SHG program is essential to support women in the region. Fifteen years ago, women were mostly illiterate and married before they were adults. Today, thanks to the training provided by SEVAI and the will of women: things have changed Women are more involved in the community and insist that their children go to school.

Thank you Vanitha for your daily commitment to women’s cause !


February 2019


As you probably already know, OFI has been awarded by the Foundation Raja Danièle Marcovici for its work and received the Raja Women Award 2018. Obviously, this award is not exclusively OFI’s. It recognizes the successful collaboration between OFI and SEVAI, our main partner in Tamil Nadu. This month, we took the opportunity to share this award with SEVAI’s teams. On the programme, bringing the results of this partnership to light, honoring SHG members and team leaders and good mood ! A great occasion to congratulate every people without whom our SHG program would not exist !