Women empowerment



SEVAI : From Solidarity to Autonomy


The project aims to support the empowerment of women through the creation of Self-Help Groups. It aims to provide marginalized women living below the poverty line with the necessary tools for their social emancipation and economic independence.


Based on the voluntary participation and active involvement of the beneficiaries, this project combines a comprehensive program of training, empowerment and the creation of economic activities (micro-entrepreneurship) via access to public micro-credit.


We are actively seeking funding to co-fund the program.


In 2014, the ELLE Foundation gave us its trust in the implementation of the program in several Tamil Nadu clusters.





OFI has been involved in the creation of more than 9,400 self-help groups. (SHG) (7,700 SHG with SEVAI, 1,700 SHG with GRAMIUM).

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