Individual membership

Financial support to NGOs teachers and social workers’ salaries helps them to pursue their programs. The government and local participation cover the staff’s incomes up to 80%.

Your participation can compensate the 20% left.

Small Homes, Big Dreams


With 25€/month* you can give 3 nutritive meals per day for 1 child of the DIN program.


With 50€/month* you can provide full support of everyday life and education for 1 child of the DIN program.



Resourceful Women with SEVAI


With 30€/month* you can contribute to train 120 women and support them in their efforts towards economic and social independence.



“Adopt a Teacher” with SEVAI


Donate €50 per month to support the salary of an English teacher in Bichandarkoil school.

Bichandarkoil school welcomes street children from the slums of Trichy. This school focuses on learning through creative and playful activities.

A teacher has two classes and can teach English to 50 children.



*You will receive a receipt for tax deductions