Rural development

On-going Projects


GRAMIUM: Water for Life Project


A new water resource management project started in March 2020 with our local partner GRAMIUM. The project will be implemented one year to renovate two hydraulic infrastructures in Rengapalapayam and Thirumeniyur villages, in Karur District, Tamil Nadu. Also, GRAMIUM is planning various activities such as 25 wells deepening, tree planting, SHG creation and trainings for farmers.



GRAMIUM & SEVAI : Capitalization on

Let’s Cultivate Development! Phase II


A new project begins in March 2017 in partnership with SEVAI and GRAMIUM to capitalize on our experience in water management programs. The project involves the renovation and construction of water infrastructure in the district of Karur in Tamil Nadu, the creation of SHG and trainings in water and natural resources management.


During this project, we capitalize on our experience to enable other NGO to implement similar projects in other areas. A study will be conducted on the impacts and results of this projects by interviewing the benficiaries. A video will be released to present the SHG program. During the last year of the project, SEVAI and GRAMIUM will work hand-in-hand with two other NGO based in Tamil Nadu to train and assist them in a watershed program.


With this program, 8 watersheds will be renovated, 50 SHGs will be created and 100 farmers will be trained.


GRAMIUM & SEVAI : Building the development !


Development is also strenghening the capacities of local populations. That is why GRAMIUM and SEVAI, by training people, are a key element in the rural development of Karur and Trichy districts. To help our partners, OFI started in August 2018 a project that involves the renovation of the training centers of these two NGOs. Once renovated and equipped, these centers will host various trainings : professional trainings to improve women’s employability, agricultural trainings to promote a sustainable agriculture, evening classes for the children and computer lessons for everyone.


During this project, three training centers will be renovated and equipped by 10 computers and 10 stiching machines.




Only 28% of the rural family in India can access to sanitation. In partnership with the NGO SEVAI and GRAMIUM, OFI is implementing a project to build toilets in the villages of Tamil Nadu. The project aims to provide a sustainable response to reduce the risk of disease and sexual harassment related to lack of sanitation. This project is mainly funded by the Indian government. To insure the sustainablity of the project, the beneficiaries are directly involved in the construction of the toilets, trained in the maintenance of these infrastructures and sensitized to good hygiene pratices.


The project starts in mid-March 2017. Today, SEVAI and GRAMIUM successed to build 350 toilets each.

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SEVAI : Organic Farming


Since 2008, OFI has enabled the establishment of two units of biological agriculture. These units produce 20 tonnes of vermicomposting per month (organic compost). They also produce fertilizers and organic pesticides. This production has helped to rehabilitate 200 hectares of flooded agricultural fields. OFI is also responsible for the creation of 80 jobs.


Budget = 37,000 €

Cultivons le développement!

SEVAI : Goat Farming Training Program


OFI and SEVAI are establishing an experimental farm to enable women, regrouped in Self Help Groups, to improve their knowledge and skills in goat farming.

Cultivons le développement!

GRAMIUM & SEVAI : Let’s cultivate development! Phase 2


In order to honor requests from villagers, OFI aims to finance the rehabilitation of two water tanks. Each one of these tanks supplies 50 wells that can together irrigate up to 200 hectares of farmland with different hydraulic infrastructures.

Furthermore, the program encourages the social entrepreneurship of empower women groups (SHGs = self-help groups).

Two thousand villagers will benefit from this program.

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GRAMIUM & SEVAI : From the green revolution to a white revolution! Improving dairy production in Tamil Nadu


Following a field study by a French agronomist, the NGOs GRAMIUM and SEVAI decided to launch an optimization program of milk production. This program includes 2,000 cows raised by the GRAMIUM and SEVAI self help groups (women’s solidarity groups who mutualise their resources to create their own businesses). For each NGO, the project consists of creating an experimental farm model.

The aim is to increase dairy production by up to 10 to 20% in order to allow 1,000 families to increase their incomes.

Funding for the pilot phase should enable a large-scale development of this program

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GRAMIUM & SEVAI : Let’s cultivate development! phase 1


Since 2003, OFI has been involved in the rehabilitation of 28 tanks (Phase 1 of the program), permitting the irrigation of 2 800 Ha ! More than 50 000 trees have been planted. The phase 2 of the project is actually in progress.