Childhood and education

On going projects


Dream India Network : Small Homes, Big Dreams


This program by Dream India Network offers a safe and family-like environment through the creation of small houses. These homes hosts street children from 3 to 8 years old who are extremely vulnerable.


Each foster home welcomes a set number of 8 children to ensure that each child receive a personalized care thanks to a management of good quality. Moreover, the limited number of children enables the good organization of various and playful activities. The homes are paired in two to create a family spirit.

Children go to school every day, they are supported by a qualified team and they are followed medically and psychologically. The program enables street children to gain self-confidence and to develop their abilities, they perform many sporting and cultural activities that stimulate their creativity and curiosity.


OFI has been working with DIN on this project since it was set up in 2013. Ever since, 37 small houses have opened to ensure the future of 296 children!


MANTRA : Library on Wheels


Library on wheels is a project which aims to help pupils to get interested in reading by making access to books easier for children.


MANTRA works on projects to transforming the educational system and to improve quality education in schools to underprivileged populations in Bangalore. Most of the schools do not have library or ways to make children reads books apart from textbooks.


This project involves implementing a mobile library which will serve 10 to 12 governmental schools, benefiting a total of 1 000 pupils. These children mostly come from rural areas or disadvantaged urban areas. Our final goal is to dynamize the scholar system to improve children’s marks.


SEVAI : Adopt a Teacher


Education is a priority of the Indian and Tamil government. Law decrees that children can go to school located at less than 3 kilometers from their home. However, multiplication of schools has caused a significant decrease in the governmental funds allocated to each school.


That is why OFI decided to ally with SEVAI to help in funding the running costs of governmental school. Since 2012, OFI has supported 2 schools : Bichandarkoil and Marudur schools.


Bichandarkoil school is a kindergarten and primary school welcoming 160 pupils. OFI takes in charge the salary of two teachers : one for the kindergarten (1rst standard) and one English teacher (for all classes). SEVAI takes in charge the salary of one person who takes care of the maintenance. The 5 others teachers and 3 others people in charge of the cleaning and cooking are paid by the government.


Marudur school is a kindergarten and primary school welcoming 145 pupils. OFI takes in charge the salary of two teachers : one for the kindergarten (1rst standard) and one for the primary classes (5th standard). SEVAI takes in charge the salary of one person who takes care of the maintenance. The 3 others teachers and 3 others people in charge of the cleaning and cooking are paid by the government.





Building Blocks / DNF : Gardenia School


With a new partnership with the NGOs Building Blocks and DNF, OFI has inaugurated a new school in July 2014. This school proposes a modern and interactive education for children coming from Bangalore shantytown. With 40 registered children, Gardenia School hopes to reach 70 next year. We are very grateful to our partners “Sunshine for a School” and “Alphabet Club” who helped us giving life to this beautiful project.


SEVAI : Disabled Children School


Since 2013, OFI made possible the opening of 2 classes for disabled children under the patronage of SEVAI.40 children, often multi-handicapped, from 4 to 14 years old, are now looked after.


OFI was able to get funding from a Swiss foundation to build classrooms and adapted toilets within ” Shanti school ” . A vegetable garden and a medicinal garden are now maintained by the children. OFI is paying the salaries of 2 trachers and 2 medical aids. Our volunteers, medical students who come each year to Shanti Schoo, have ensured the well being of the children;they have adapted the equipment and special devices, the chairs and tables…


HUT : Meikandaar School


Meikandaar School is a school built in Trichy by HUT and welcomes around 750 children. This school promotes learning through games and playful activities and allows children to learn English from an early age.

OFI worked with HUT for several years to develop this school, and succeeded to build 14 classrooms and rehabilitate a lot of others ! OFI actually supported kindergarten and Learning Center’s teachers by financing their salary and giving them good quality training.


HUT : House of Hope


House of Hope gives the children with AIDS the opportunity to have access to education, adequate health and medical care, and psychological counselling within the context of sustainable integration into Indian society.

After the construction of a new building in 2013, OFI has committed itself to ensure the salaries of teachers and employees. OFI volunteers join every summer the school : they teach English, have a programm of medical check-up, grow vegetables with the children…


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BOSCO : A roof to shelter me


Every day, 20,000 girls sleep on Bangalore’s streets.They are particularly exposed to the dangers of prostitution and local mafia networks. In order to face this growing phenomenon, BOSCO, a recognized expert, welcomes and assists street children. “A roof to shelter me” program was created in order to offer personal assistance to these girls. The shelter can house one hundred “permanent” young girls and 25 young girls “in transit”.


Thirty facilitators look after them. The permanent centre will be ”home” for these young people aged 6 to 18 years (80% of whom are “Dalits”—untouchables). The centre will provide the children with medical, psychological, and educational support. The purpose of this program is to ensure the personal development of its beneficiaries.

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