Our commitment

OFI supports four NGOs in South India (in Bangalore and Tamil Nadu). Programs are implemented according to a local populations’ needs. These programs are supervised by field experts. Our activities are divided into three major areas:

  • Childhood and education
  • Rural development
  • Women empowerment
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Childhood and education

It is important that future generations be able to integrate into Indian society. This is the key to reducing inequalities between social strata. To make this possible, it is necessary to provide quality schooling to children and care for those among them who are sick. OFI helps NGOs—HUT, SEVAI, APD and BOSCO—to implement education and health programs designed to aid future generations: for “Dalit” children, children with AIDS, and the disabled. Rescuing street children is also a priority.

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Rural development

Rural work is the major activity of South India, but weather conditions and price pressures exerted by large landowners lead to the gradual disappearance of smallholder agriculture. Small farmers are forced to leave the countryside for the city without proper qualifications. They are progressively filling the urban slums. OFI assists NGOs (SEVAI and GRAMIUM) to sustain rural development programs.

This allows the preservation and the deployment of rural economic activity. It allows local populations to sustainably rise above the poverty line.

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Women empowerment

The focus of the national women’s empowerment movement is to provide local populations ways to improve their socioeconomic status and to act in local development. This major program—the creation of autonomous women’s groups called Self Help Groups — trains them to create profitable activities funded by microcredit ..

OFI helps NGOs (SEVAI and GRAMIUM) to deploy programs for the creation and coordination of Self Help Groups. The creation of these groups is a channel that allows families to overcome poverty.

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